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Filter Changes May 6, 2010

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Shot Filters

There are other filters in your car that need changing in order to keep it running efficiently. Most drivers know about the engine air filter, but many do not know about their car’s cabin air filter. These pictures are of ones taken from a 2004 Toyota 4Runner at mileage 103,600. The engine air filter is on the left. I seriously doubt that the cabin air filter had ever been changed until now.  Most cars and light trucks need these filters changed annually, or more frequently if you’re driving on dusty roads.

Here’s a closer view of the cabin air filter.  These filters are typically located behind or below the glove box or under the hood on passenger’s side.  Changing them can be very easy like this one, or more difficult.  Instructions can be found for most of the WIX or MANN parts on AMSOIL’s website.  Obviously this particular filter hasn’t been touched in some time – possibly never.  Replacing this filter will do wonders for improving the flow and quality inside the passenger cabin.  These filters is typically cost $20, though can be higher should you have to go to the dealership for the part.



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