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Working with Retail Accounts October 31, 2010

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Euless Express Care

Mark and Derek with AMSOIL display stand

Want to expand your business?  A great way to do it is to open Retail-On-The-Shelf accounts, aka ROTS accounts.  Small to medium size oil changers and repair shops are looking for ways to offer their customers synthetic oil service, but until now there have been several objections to AMSOIL:  Extended drain intervals lowering car counts, price, warranty issues, and so on.  None of these are valid, but if your prospect has concerns you must engage them and remove them by explaining the facts.  The oil knowledge level varies at the oil change businesses I’ve come in contact with; because of high personnel turnover in the quick lube biz, it’s a constant educational challenge to keep up with.  Doing so, however, will help you build a solid relationship with your account.

The new OE oils are a perfect complement to the XL oils.  In fact, the two products differ only in the additive package; the base oil is the same, both meet the same performance specs, and both are API-licensed.  AMSOIL’s killer pricing gives us another excellent product with which to approach new business.

Good Selling!